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General information

The annual winter sale has now been run by the club for many years with our 2015 auction being held on Saturday, July 4th.

This event contains plenty of Radio & Electronic goods for sale. It is open to all to buy or sell whether a club member or not. You should find everything you want to know about the auction on this page, but if you have a query, send an email as below.

In our experience the best sellers are low to medium priced useful bits of equipment, components or vintage items of collector interest. Non-working computers and associated components as well as domestic equipment such as TVs or VCRs will no longer be sold due to lack of buyer interest. Apart from the auction itself there is the popular low value item trash & treasure stand.

Important information

auction room

Types of items offered

Here are some of the types of goods that have been sold at previous sales. Unless marked as "working", equipment for sale is assumed "not working" or "untested" and will not fetch a good price. Some of the items offered since 2009 can be seen in our picture gallery.

Seller auction tickets

Each lot for auction must have two tickets attached similar to that below. After sale one ticket goes to the auction clerk and the other to the purchaser with seller contact details should a query arise. Lots not marked with a ticket are deemed to be items owned by the club. Sellers can pre-register to obtain a seller #, but those who have attended in previous years will retain the same number.

  Wars Auction Ticket

 Seller #______Sellers Name____________________________________

 Callsign________________ Phone_______________________________

 Description of Goods:




 RESERVE (IF ANY)$_____________

Click to download tickets in MS Word or for text format, cut and paste from sample above.

Some of the items offered in July 2013

Click here to see some of the items offered in this sale.

Between auctions, there may be items for sale listed elsewhere on our website.

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