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Ham Radio Related

WIA logo Wireless Institute of Australia - The national amateur radio body - lots of info on ham radio in Australia.

ARNSW logo ARNSW - The club located at Dural covering Sydney and NSW wide amateur radio interests including repeaters, beacons and weekly broadcasts.

ACMA logo The Australian Communications Authority is the VK licensing authority. Specific links within the ACMA site include VK callsign database and its Home page

VKHAM logo A web site with a wealth of information about Australian hams and free buy/sell billboard for amateurs.

Benelec logo An Australian supplier of antennas and radio systems and a benefactor of the club.

Listed below are some of the main suppliers of ham radio equipment in Australia.

Radios net au an online retailer.
Andrews Communications Systems located in the Sydney area.
Strictly Ham located in Victoria, claims to be the largest VK retailer.
Amateur Radio Transceiver Centre Kenwood specialist, but stocks most brands of ham gear, located in Sydney area.
Radio Specialists Pty Ltd Yaesu specialist located in South Australia.
Prestige Communications mainly CB specialist but some Ham radios, located in Western Australia.

And a couple of sites for hams without access to a physical radio.

QSO.Net allows to make QSOs with other hams over the internet using VOIP through a radio like interface.

Web SDR allows users to listen in with various software defined receivers located mainly in Europe. Does not seem to work with Linux.

Club Members Web Pages

A number individual members have accounts on Facebook and/or Google+ but these will often contain many posts outside the interest of Waverley club members, so are not included here. The club is active on Facebook and Google+. Members can post photos or comments of relevance to the club, but must contact the administrator to join them first.

Ben VK2XUF the club's first web site that he developed in 1995.

Ben VK2XUF A technical blog on electronics related items from 2011.

Ben VK2XUF His morse keyboard project which converts code from a key to a computer screen text as well as a description of his propellor clock.

Binu VK2BNG As his Indian persona, VU2NGB

Derek VK2YN Nicely designed QSL card and some useful links.

Graham VK2FAUS Details of his charter boat operation on Pittwater.

Raffy VK2RF Interesting ham radio stuff including Yaesu handheld ADMS frequency programming files for various countries

Sean VK2SN Details of his ham radio background, in particular his EME interest

Simon VK2UA Details of some interesting collectable radios & items for sale.

Simon VK2UA Kurrajong Radio Museum - details of over 80 military radios

Simon VK2UA Historical Radio Society of Australia web site

Simon VK2UA Personal web site

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