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90th Anniversary - Jan 2009

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The club celebrated its nonagesimal anniversary in 2009. This page describes the activities to mark this occasion. You will find plenty of information on the club's history elsewhere on the site. On the right are club QSL cards for 1925 and the VI2BV90 activation in 2009.

The activities marking the anniversary are listed below

VI2BV90 QSL Card 1925 QSL Card
  • The special event callsign VI2BV90 was in use for the period Jan 24th to Feb 1st 2009 with 734 contacts recorded covering HF bands on SSB, PSK31 and CW plus VHF and UHF bands on FM. 17 contacts were made via satellite including 2 to the International Space Station. Despite generally poor HF conditions, over 100 DX contacts were made.

    Portable operation on Australia Day (26/1/09) took place from Centennial Square located inside Centennial Park's Grand Drive, a semi-private area with its own parking.

  • A commemorative QSL card (see top picture) was sent for every contact made.

  • Contacts with Mike Fincke on the International Space Station were arranged with the help of Paul VK2TXT and Tony VK5ZAI.There was no contact on the first attempt on 25/1/09 but the second was more successful at 03:20 on 26/1/09 though brief due to technical problems. A second successful contact was made at 08:30 on 30/1/09. A recording of the last contact in mp3 format can be heard here. Some of the dialogue is unclear.

  • Production of the lapel badge as shown above, courtesy of Laurie VK2GZ.

  • An article in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of "Amateur Radio" magazine covering the club's 90 year history. There is a copy on this site here, though without the images.

  • The WARS 90 award for on air contacts with the club during the whole of 2009 including the period of the event. Points were awarded based on mode, band, officer/member and club station with type of award based on total points.

  • Five versions of our website showing its development from 1995 - 2007 were added to our current website. See left side-bar for links.

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