Some useful websites

Here are a number of useful websites that are not radio related but of general use and perhaps not well known. This was a topic at a club meeting in 2014.

Match images - provide Google picture search with an image of something you want to find out about and it will find similar images on the web.

Track Web site changes - provide a URL and you will be advised of updates to that site by email with option to view the changes or go to the site. Go to the Change Detection site to set up. Useful only for sites that don't change daily.

Free offsite storage - Dropbox provides up to 2GB free to store your files offsite or swap between computers. Works like a part of your file system but is common to each linked computer.

Internet speed test - see how fast your internet connection is.

File conversions - Convert image, audio, document etc files to a different format.

Urban Legends - is that email that someone sends you really true or just an urban legend.

Auspost costs - calculate the cost to send an item at home and save a post office visit.

Traffic conditions now - check for accidents and traffic levels before you leave home with Google traffic.

Traffic conditions future - check for future events and current incidents that may affect your journey Transport NSW.

Flight information - where is that flight I am going to meet and is it running late - go to Flight radar 24.

Flight online check in - do you want to pick your seat but are not sure of the configuration for that aircraft, flight or airline, then go to Seat Guru and check first.

Sydney Public Transport - do you want to go some where by public transport but are not sure of the best way or timetables, then go to Trip Planner and check first.

Property Values - do you want check property values if you are thinking of buying, selling or just browsing, then go to On the House and check by map, suburb, street or address.

Find the registered owner of any web site from its URL. Whois Why not try

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