Waverley's Website in 1996

This page shows the club's first website, designed in 1995 though this version is a year later, but had little change, as we were unable to find a copy of the very first pages. We believe this was the first website for any Australian amateur radio organisation and was created by our youngest member at that time, Ben VK2XUF, who saw it as a technical challenge rather than being of benefit to the club.

The first demonstration to club members was made at the Rose Bay RSL club, which unlike the club premises next door, were able to supply a phone line for dial-up. At this time few members had home internet access. Today all members have email access and so this is now used for all written communications. The club hasn't had a magazine for many years.

Click on each image to see the five pages full size (you may have to Zoom as well) and use your back button to return. Each page is shown as a single graphic and is not interactive. A more interactive version can be seen on the Web Archive site, but is very slow to load.


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