PRIME MINISTER'S DEPARTMENT
                            WIRELESS BRANCH
                              GENERAL POST OFFICE

                                 SYDNEY  9th October 1922

                                   NEW SOUTH WALES.


             The Controller of Wireless,
                  Prime Minister's Department,
                       Wireless Branch,
                            "Chelford House,"
                                 Flinders Lane,

    With reference to the attached correspondence relating to

  Mr. R. Allsop {Wireless Electric Co.),  Aquarium Buildings, Coogee,

  an unauthorised wireless station, transmitting for demonstration purposes

  at a function held in the Athenaeum Hall, Beach St., Coogee,

  under the auspices of the Waverley Radio Club, I beg to forward the

  following information and recommendations :-

  (a)Re Raymond Allsop: Numerous complaints have been made
  regarding transmitting tests carried out at his workshop,
  but realising the difficulty of detecting him actually
  conducting these demonstrations I have constantly made searching
  investigations and waited for such a case as the above.
  It is obvious that Mr. Allsop deliberately misled the
  committee of the Waverley Radio Club in a manner similar
  to the recent attempt made with the Katoomba Theatres Ltd.,
  Katoomba, as previously reported.  I strongly recommend
  that action be taken by the Department against Mr. Allsop
  under the clauses of the Wireless Telegraphy Act.

(b) Regarding Mr. W.C. Lawrence, who only came to my office after
  I had written my No. 507 to the Secretary, Waverley Radio
  Club, and who instead of getting into touch with me prior
  to the function simply referred the matter to Mr. Allsop,
  from whom the assurance as to the legality of the proceedings,
  was readily forthcoming, I recommend that as Messrs. Laurence
  & Gordon were acting on behalf of the Radio Club, the licence
  of this Club be suspended for a term. The members of the
  committee knew perfectly well that there was a doubt as to
  the legality of the proceedings after receipt of my letter to Mr.
  Laurence, and prompt action from the proper source should have
  been taken to assure themselves that everything was in order;
  therefore suitable Departmental action is necessary so that an
  example, such as this will act as a strong deterrent to others
  in future.

                     W. J. Crawford

                     RADIO INSPECTOR