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This club, formed in 1919 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, provides those interested in the hobbies of amateur radio and electronics with facilities to meet and enjoy the company of similar individuals. Regular meetings are held at the well equipped clubhouse in Rose Bay and training is provided for those new to the field. Visitors to our meetings are always welcome. Please explore this site to find out more about us and ways to make contact.

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Latest News

Special Link D-Star Repeater List - file in csv format covering world wide repeaters can be downloaded.

Wednesday 1/4/15 7:30pm - "Shack Night" - to operate the club station and for help with electronic projects or equipment.

Saturday 4/4/15 Project Day - come to the clubhouse during the afternoon to work on equipment or just for a ragchew.

Wednesday 15/04/15 7:30pm Monthly meeting.

Weekend 23-24/5/15 - Next Foundation Course and licence assessments. The club is now able to offer scholarships valued at up to $250 to enable a number of young Australian citizens under 25 not in full time employment to obtain their first licence and be supplied with a radio at no cost. These have been funded by the sale of radio equipment from the estate of the late Colin Marks, VK2LV.

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